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Sep 29, 2002:

Get To Know A Snunk!

Snunk! LogoIntroducing the Snunk! Pet, the advanced robotic skunk that's about to become every urban dweller's best friend! It's not just endearingly cute and meticulously clean-- the Snunk! is also an environmental watchdog, continuously removing dust, dander, and hair from your household and analysing it for trace amounts of common biohazards.

The Snunk! is a full-featured, next-generation robotic companion with a vital utilitarian mission. It is also my entry in the Viridian BioFuture Robot Dog (er, skunk) Contest. Click the full document link for the full entry!

iconSnunk! Concept Diagram

An artwork image.

Sep 25, 2002:

iconSnunk! Guide

The Official Snunk! Pet Guidebook

Sep 16, 2002:

Progress Report

Whew, we've been hard at work coming up with concepts and mockups and proofs of concept. You should see the fur flying! There isn't a manifesto yet, but this could be the start of one.

In addition to the Snunk!, we've been thinking about a whole new class of domestic robots:
The Darwog - evolution in your own aquarium!
Metakeet - sings beautiful songs about the background radiation in your house
Mr. Wurtle - power, when and where you need it
Jefferson - the Illuminated Dog
Van Gurch - the living tripod
Benjamina - LawnBunny 1.0
Garden Faery - tirelessly tending your garden

And we've got some basic philosophies we think are important to the implementation of these designs-- they follow.

Sep 12, 2002:

iconCye vacuubot

A photograph image.


"The face looks always a little sourpuss, and as if it realized the truth of life."


iconSnunk! concept

Robo-skunk? You betcha! The new Snunk! pet is cute, cuddly, and clean. And just get a load of that racing stripe!

Who Wouldn't Want A Snunk!? Ad

Marlin PerkinsThis little fellow is a real stinker - no, no, not like that. What I mean is, give him half a chance and he'll really get under your skin.

Hi, I'm Marlin Perkins, here to tell you about a new kind of pet that's clean, playful, and full of affection. It's called a Snunk, because well, it looks like a skunk. But you've never had a sweeter-smelling pet in all your life!

FTC WARNING: This product features a posthumous celebrity endorsement. The actors appearing in this advertisement have been digitally recreated from pre-existing footage.

Sep 06, 2002:

Building the Perfect Pet (tm)

Snunk! conceptPart skunk, part vacuum cleaner, part burnt bean bun, the first pet designed by psydeshow roductions is gonna be designed right here. Why? Because there's a contest, of course!

The second pet is gonna be designed here, too. Actually, we've got one, two, three-- seven pets on the drawing board. No, eight, I forgot the LawnBunny. Start collecting, boys and girls. Before you know it, you'll have a virtual menagerie!

Anyway, click thru for initial thoughts.

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