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Building the Perfect Pet (tm)

Snunk! conceptPart skunk, part vacuum cleaner, part burnt bean bun, the first pet designed by psydeshow roductions is gonna be designed right here. Why? Because there's a contest, of course!

The second pet is gonna be designed here, too. Actually, we've got one, two, three-- seven pets on the drawing board. No, eight, I forgot the LawnBunny. Start collecting, boys and girls. Before you know it, you'll have a virtual menagerie!

Anyway, click thru for initial thoughts.

The challenge is to design the robot dog of the future. Yawn, but okay, what a perfect opportunity to get this off my chest: I have geen wanting a genetically engineered pet since 1998, despite being scared of Tribbles since at least 1976.

I've wanted a cat is as fastidious about my apartment as it is about itself, to not only compensate for the hair it sheds but to actively remove my own dead hair and skin from the environment.

And I've wanted a terrarium animal that would evolve (over the course of a year) from fish to tadpole to frog to lizard to gerbil.

And I think, but I'm not sure, I've wanted a robotic dog with leds for a coat, that could keep you company and provide you with light.

Is it worth starting a pet-design company? No. Is it worth starting a pet studio? Yes. Especially since we can turn them all into virtual pets using berylium. ^_^

By Psydeshow on September 6, 2002 at 8:20pm

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